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Retail Products
We offer the consumer the same concentrated products that we provide to our industry customers. The only difference is the package size and application rates! Enjoy the safe, superior results in your home or on the road as industry leaders do.

Cheltec Retail Solutions

Serving The Needs Of Industries & Consumers

  • Camp Champ
  • Plant Chow
  • D-Greaser
  • AquaPlex
  • pH-Down
Our Plant Chow products were developed with the understanding of the importance for biologically sound growth management formulations. Therefore, each product is designed to act as a building platform for the next growth stage. This is achieved by formulating precise elements and compounds with our proprietary Stabitrol™ or StabiNetics™ ionization carriers for enhanced plant health management.
Cheltec’s odor inhibitor for municipalities,
AquaPlex, is the leading algaecide nationwide. Its superior performance is from it being formulated with Stabitrol™ which provides Residual Control benefit that AquaPlex is known for. Less copper in the environment yet better results!
Stop using the noxious, harmful, and dangerous Muriatic Acid to adjust the pool water pH. Use Protonic pH down! An odorless and non-caustic acid that’s a powerful pH reduction agent yet gentle to use!

How Our Clients Use Our Products

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