Plant Chow

What does the term Bio-Complete mean? It means that there are essential nutrients and essential compounds such as glucose and other carbohydrates that every plant needs to have in order to keep its internal biological engines performing well. Therefore, in addition to the essential nutrients, Plant Chow formulations include specific compounds ensuring that the plant-engine runs well for healthy plant growth and abundant production of vegetation, fruit, or seeds.
Science has proven that healthier plants can resist or reduce the negative impact of over 250 plant diseases when optimal micronutrient levels are maintained. Plant Chow Product line is designed to improve disease resistance through overall plant health with continued maintenance foliar applications. Supplying balanced foliar applied nutrients stimulates the plant’s natural defense against disease.
Plant Chow Blends are Bio-Complete formulations of high-quality, plant-available nutrients developed for specific plant feedings. Plant Chow Blends utilize Cheltec’s proprietary Performance Carries Stabitrol and/or StabiNex to provide a variety of benefits such as, immediate plant absorption, minute particle size for better plant translocation, advanced soil amending, and stability in a range of pH water solutions and soil types.