BioBoss Drain and Septic

FoamBoss Drain Cleaner is a high performing microbial/probiotic Drain Treatment.

The first action of FoamBoss contains a proprietary blend of highly concentrated, non-toxic live bacteria, specifically designed to convert fats, oils, grease, sugars and starches and other organic drain clogging material, into harmless carbon dioxide and water. Regular applications of FoamBoss Drain Cleaner will maintain free-flowing drains and an odorless drain-area environment.

FoamBoss is a robust bio-active formulation with heavy-duty foam-expansion properties for longer dwelling time on drain-wall surfaces. The longer dwell time allows the bio-active cultures to coat the pipe wall evenly for more effective biodegradation on all drain types.

BioBoss Septic is a dual action formulation specifically for septic tanks:

First action of BioBoss septic application is the high performing strains specifically developed to organic waste and materials such as tissue paper. BioBoss contains 15 billion beneficial microbes per ounce and can be easily and safely poured directly into the toilet from its squeeze and pour bottle with measuring chamber. These beneficial proprietary live culture microbes work immediately upon contact to begin the break down process of organic waste and other materials within the septic tank while rapidly forming colony units that produce high levels of enzymes every 30 minutes to further break down solids.

The second action of BioBoss is the additional of beneficial microbe stains within the formulation that specifically break down many chemicals and compounds used in household cleaning chemicals and compounds used to disinfect and clean, toilets, sinks, and showers.

These compounds, when flushed or rinsed, enter the septic tank and have a negative impact on the indigenous microbes within the septic tank, reducing the natural waste break down process septic tanks were originally designed to provide. BioBoss Septic digests many of these compounds bringing a highly functional microbial balance to the septic tank environment. A regular maintenance flush of BioBoss will keep the septic waste free.