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Featuring Cheltec’s Plant Chow Line

Cheltec developed a bio-complete product line Called Plant Chow addressing plant-needs at every stage of plant growth. Plant Chow feeds your plant from soil to leaf with natural high performing nitrogen fixing soil microbes, food-rich carriers for soil and foliar application with plant-available minerals, and uniquely balanced carbohydrates to increase internal plant production. The results? Healthy, vibrant, strong, happy vegetable and flower plants!


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Adding our all-natural Soil & Root to your vegetable or flower garden-soil will accelerate its organic mineralization for improved nutrient uptake, establish greater microbial colonization, enrich the biodiversity around the rootzone, and so much more! Increase your garden-health by starting at the Soil & Root just like nature does!
Every plant requires carbohydrates to sustain each stage of plant growth to produce a bountiful yield of buds, flowers, fruits, and vegetables. Applying Carb-It to soil provides an additional food sources for soil microbes for lasting nitrogen fixation and the necessary sugar carbohydrates plant uptake for growth and cell formation. Foliar application during growth stages boosts sugar levels for internal plant cell enrichment for continues strength, energy, health, and yield Don’t let your plants run out of energy!

Healthy plants produce a greater number of blossom with color vibrancy and stronger stems. Plant Chow Rose and Flower is a specific formulation of individual nutrient essentials and other beneficial natural compounds at a ratio designed for a variety of flowers to achieve optimal performance for flowering and color richness.

All plants require basic mineral feeding for their overall health. Plant Chow All Purpose was formulated to provide the essential elements for container and house plants as well as a general feeding for shrubs and well-established gardens.
Sometimes a plant needs a little push to get over their production finish line strong! Bloom is formulated for a pre-bloom balance of nitrogen and carbs application to bring it home. Every plant loves a carb snack!
Gardens require a balanced amount of Macro, Secondary, and Micro nutrients. A great amount of essential minerals and beneficial compounds are needed for fruit set in vegetable plants. Plant Chow Vegetables provides a boost of these elements to ensure a strong and healthy fruit set loading of nutrition for the sweetest, tastiest, fruit and vegetables a plant can produce!
The biological need for grass health and growth is not all that different from the biological need of leafy plants. Nitrogen aids in channeling more carbohydrates to production of the green tissue. Plant Chow Lawn is formulated with nitrogen, low essential minerals, and carbohydrates to support its growth with less storage needs. Green it AND feed it with Plant Chow Lawn!
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