Odor Abate LR

Odor Abate LR is a copper sulfate liquid formulation with residual control for eliminating noxious odors generally associate with Livestock waste lagoons. Odor Abate RL is formulated with Stabitrol, a proprietary carrier that allows the copper sulfate to remain suspended for up to 30 days throughout the effluent even in harsh environments such as waste lagoons.

Just a few of the residual-suspension benefits of Stabitrol science are:

cost effective Odor Abate RL application rates

low copper levels in parts per million (ppm)

highly effective in eliminating noxious  odors on contact.

The standard ppm for copper deemed safe by the EPA for drinking water in the United States is 1 ppm. in the United States.  A maximum rate of Odor Abate RL is equal to that of drinking water and is safe for the environment. It is known scientifically that copper sulfate eliminates odors from small chain gases such as hydrogen sulfide upon contact. When copper sulfate and hydrogen sulfide interact, the copper sulfate is converted to cupric sulfide and is a non-hazardous compound according to TCLP (toxicity characteristic leaching procedure) testing. This is important when effluent or manure is used as a fertilizer.

In addition to odor-elimination, a maintenance program of Odor Abate RL will also bring the pH level of the effluent down to a more neutral range which inhibits the gassing off of ammonia. The ammonia will be converted to nitrogen through aerobic and anaerobic microbial activity making the effluent nutrient richer as a fertilizer spray on crops and pastures.