“Maintain the Clean.” Arrest’R was developed to maintain clean roofs in order to eliminate the need for chlorine cleanings. Once Arrest’R is applied to a roof AFTER the roof is cleaned with chlorine, there is no need for another chlorine clean ever again when a two-year Arrest’R maintenance program is implemented.

Arrest’R is a 5% copper sulfate pentahydrate liquid product formulated with Cheltec’s proprietary non-toxic carrier Stabitrol.

The substrates of most roofs and hardscape are constructed from mineral compounds that are “ionic” (naturally charged) such as clay, cement, many composite tiles, and asphalt shingles. The natural ionic property of copper sulfate becomes stronger when it’s solubilized in Stabitrol (an ion donor-solution that enhances metallic bonding). The Arrest’R copper will bond immediately upon contact with most roof or hardscape compositions because of ionic compatibility.

This copper-bond creates a breathable barrier between the atmosphere and the microscopic pores of roof and hardscape substrates, including brick, paver, and cement walkways. This barrier eliminates the potential for surface-staining from airborne contaminates for over 2 years.

Arrest’R is safe for plants and grass when applied according to label rates along with proper application practices. So, “Maintain the Clean” without Chlorine.