The AquaPlex Line

AquaPlex is a proprietary liquid formulation of copper sulfate pentahydrate and Stabitrol™. The unique properties of Stabitrol provide specific application benefits achieved only with AquaPlex. It is the only algaecide product on the market that carries the EPA registered benefit-statements “true residual control” and “can be applied at night-time.

Many application-technicians have stated that AquaPlex is a great product tool when an application is delayed due to unforeseen circumstances at a previous site location. Instead of rescheduling an application due to an unforeseen delay, the technician can stay on schedule with Stabitrol’s night-time application benefit in AquaPlex. A late-evening application works throughout the night and remains effective for up to 30 days unlike Copper Sulfate granules and tradition EDTA coppers.

The “true residual control” benefit of Stabitrol provides long-term copper-activity for up to 30 days throughout the water column making AquaPlex a leading product for algae control in pond and lake management regimes nationwide. The residual control benefit means less copper sulfate being released to the environment per application over traditional copper products. AquaPlex use for aquatic weed control is a practical way to contribute to good environment stewardship of our waterways.