The AdjuPlex Line

AdjuPlex is a multifunctional adjuvant for use with chemical spray solutions on food crops and non-food applications. For weed control applications or preplant burndown, AdjuPlex is a “safe-to-handle” nonionic acidic ammonium sulfate solution with chelation-like properties that will tie up hard water compounds known to reduce the efficacy of herbicides such as glyphosate.

AdjuPlex also has excellent penetrant properties which aid in pesticidal uptake, especially when waxy leaf penetration is a concern.  And as an acidifier, AdjuPlex can be safely used to lower the pH of tank solutions without the handling concerns normally associated with acidifiers.

Most adjuvants provide an individual “benefit” but the collective benefits of AdjuPlex ensures maximum results within the complex needs within spray solutions today.