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Commercial Products
Stabitrol-based products have become a new standard in many industries where innovation, ease-of-use, quality results, cost-effectiveness, and environmental stewardship are essential.

Cheltec Commercial Solutions

Stabitrol™ solutions can be used as solubility agents (making something more liquid) for breaking down a compound’s particle size when an application requires better product penetration. Stabitrol’s™ ionization property enhances a compound’s natural ionization, making that compound more efficient, and effective, especially when bonding to material substrates or plant tissue, and also when chemical conversion is important.

  • Arrest'r
  • Etch'r
  • Odor Abate
  • pH Down
Arrest’R is a formulation for the prevention of those reoccurring stains from moss, algae, and mold growth on tile and shingle roofs that require annual cleaning. One application of Arrest’R to a cleaned roof will provide a stain-free clean roof for up to 3 years without ever pressure cleaning again!
Etch’R – Is a 51% safer, consumer-friendly, sulfuric acid for the use of etching inground pool surfaces, concrete, or to clean/brighten bricks pavers.
Odor Abate for Livestock Lagoon and Pit is a copper sulfate formulated with Stabitrol™ liquid odor control and wastewater pH balancer. When organic waste decomposes it gives off noxious gases such as hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg) odors. These are known health hazards to humans and animals. Odor Abate immediately converts these gasses to inert compounds eliminating odors on contact providing a healthier and safer environment for neighbors, confinement house workers, and livestock.
Stop using the noxious, harmful, and dangerous Muriatic Acid to adjust the pool water pH. Use Protonic pH down! An odorless and non-caustic acid that’s a powerful pH reduction agent yet gentle to use!

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