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Livestock Products
Our unmatched technologies and commitment to quality, truly supports our company-philosophy of Products for Progress. Cheltec developed new carriers for minerals and chemicals then developed its product line to deliver superior results, a competitive edge, with less environmental impact as compared to traditional products. We are committed today in the advancement of the softer, greener farming of tomorrow.

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  • Odor Abate
  • BioPlex
  • Hoof It
Odor Abate for Livestock Lagoon and Pit is a copper sulfate formulated with Stabitrol™ liquid odor control and wastewater pH balancer. When organic waste decomposes it gives off noxious gases such as hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg) odors. These are known health hazards to humans and animals. Odor Abate immediately converts these gasses to inert compounds eliminating odors on contact providing a healthier and safer environment for neighbors, confinement house workers, and livestock.
BioPlex Pond DredgeR is an aggressive, all natural, biology answer to reducing sludge and organic waste from fish hatcheries, waste lagoons and pits quickly and effectly.
Hoof it is a foot bath additive product line that promotes hoof health.

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