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Developed out of Cheltec’s commitment to servicing Local Farmers nationwide

Cheltec’s highly specialized technologies create environmentally safe products for the diverse needs of local commercial farmers. Each AgroPlex product is designed to produce healthier plants with higher yield, fuller, more lush grasses for turf, lawn and pastures, and greatly improved water quality and holding capacity for ponds, lagoons, and confinement pits. AgroPlex promotes the new generation of farming. Cleaner, Safer, Affordable, with Quantifiable Results!

  • MicroPlex
  • AdjuPlex
  • BioPlex
  • AquaPlex
MicroPlex is a line of micronutrients specifically formulated with Stabitrol™ to provide the maximum uptake from root to leaf when applied with starters, or leaf to root with foliar applications. The super ionized mineral particles are a plant-ready form of nutrient making plant intake quick and complete.

AdjuPlex is a proprietary low pH solution and ammonium sulfate for use as a spray tank water conditioner and pH adjuster for commercial pesticide applications. AdjuPlex provides consistently superior results in weed control for rights-of-way and food crop applications.

BioPlex Pond DredgeR is an aggressive, all natural, biology answer to reducing sludge and organic waste from fish hatcheries, waste lagoons and pits quickly and effectively.

AquaPlex, is the leading algaecide nationwide. Its superior performance is from it being formulated with Stabitrol™ which provides Residual Control benefit that AquaPlex is known for. Less copper in the environment yet better results!

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