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Cheltec’s founder, Denise De Lancy, has a passion for people, the environmental, and innovative problem-solving. Together, Denise and her dedicated team, have worked toward one vision – to provide the safest, best performing products possible, without compromising on the responsibility of human health and environment stewardship. Cheltec’s team is diverse, enthusiastic, and committed in expanding their areas of expertise in creative ways, such as enlisting the services of others to gain knowledge of more progressive alternatives. One of our greatest resources is our relationship with our customers and community members. By listening to every generation, Cheltec’s has gleaned many valuable stewardship-insights for product improvement, information transparency, and consumer frustrations. Today, the feedback from our customers and community factors into our decision-making process for tomorrow. And that is the goal of our core business philosophy “a better tomorrow needs stewardship today.”


From concept to customer, comprehensive laboratory analysis, field-trials, and production standards are evaluated before any product goes to the  marketplace. This process is often both timely and costly but the data and assurance of product quality and safety is a vital key to the successful development, manufacturing, and marketing of Cheltec’s products and services. We possess truly unique proprietary advantages and we are committed to confirming our claims and effectively communicate the advantages of our products.



Our in-house  evaluation phases are managed in accordance with stringent testing and documentation guidelines to verify each product’s advantage(s) over its competitor. The next step is a small-scale market introduction of the product for real-world responsive testing of the product’s advantages. This is known as “Proof Of Concept.” Once we know that our product is market-responsive through sales, our attention is then focused on the communication of important data utilizing appropriate channels (i,e, social media, website, trade-shows, conferences, and marketing materials) to broaden our customer base.

Cheltec’s ultimate goal is to provide its customers with high-quality products and services that truly make a difference to them.


Solubility Agent

Stabitrol™ solutions can be used as solubility agents (making something more liquid) for breaking down a compound’s particle size when an application requires better product penetration. Therefore, Stabitrol™ suspended metals are the solution when optimal surface coverage and substrate penetration is required. As an example, Stabitrol™ is a superior carrier for micro-nutrients over EDTAs micro nutrients. Nutrient absorption is key for plant health, vitality and yield in agriculture food crops. EDTA micro-nutrient molecules are much larger than Stabitrol’s™ resulting in less nutrient absorption into the plant due to the larger molecules and inconsistent coverage.    


Stabitrol’s™ ionization property enhances a compound’s natural ionization, making that compound more efficient, and effective, especially when bonding to material substrates or plant tissue, and also when chemical conversion is important. Unlike other ionization agents or chelation agents (bonding agents that hold metals in suspension in liquids), Stabitrol™ is a low pH water-based force-field that enhances a compound’s performance without bonding to it and weakening it. This benefit is a key advantage in applications for odor control, porous surface cleaning, or transitioning compounds from the surface level to a deeper layer of a substrate (such as roof tile cleaning) or plant leaf translocation (surface coverage to internal layer absorption, and then mobility within the plant).

“As a service advisor in the RV industry, we run across many problems with tanks, sensors and odors. We have been using and recommending this product for over a year. We have customers coming back, calling and just popping in to thank us for introducing them to these products. We are so happy to have such great products from Cheltec Inc. like CAMP CHAMP to introduce to our customers.”
Campbell RV – Service Advisor
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